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Metal Bolts
We offer durable and high-qulaity Metal bolts, which are required to make a bolted joint. These can work well with the help of an axial clamping force. Also, these give assistance to the sideways shear forces.
Metal Stud
The Metal Studs allow for advanced durability as well as boosted strength. These are the termite-resistant studs known for their lightweight constriction. These are simple to carry and store. These are not prone to rotting and warping.
Metal Rivets
The Metal Rivets we deal in are ideal for providing support to shear as well as tensile loads. These are apt for watertight applications. The said rivets have been designed specifically for their usage in high-stress commercial construction applications.
Metal Helicoils
The Metal Helicoils are the preferred choices, suggested by many leading engineers. These can strengthen, repair and reinforce the screw threads in an efficient and uniform way. These can transfer the forces very well. The helicolis are the wear resistant structures, which work well even after frequent use.
Hex Wrench
The Hex Wrenches we offer are the small handheld tools, suited for driving bolts as well as screws. These have hexagonal-shaped tips and allow for simple use. They are suggested by environment-conscious builders. Offered are the simple hand tools, accessible with rust resistance.

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